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 Seldovia, Alaska 99663

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This is the official web site for the City of Seldovia. 
On this site you can find links to public info, city meetings, forms and officials.    

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City of Seldovia
                                          P.O. Drawer B, Seldovia, Alaska 99663
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The City understands that there may be some confusion among its residents regarding the impact and purpose for adopting the new Uniform Table of Minor Offenses (UMOT) that was recently introduced to the City Council (introduced as Ordinance No. FY2016-06). Its completion does not create any new offenses under the City Code of Ordinances; instead, it merely integrates those offenses that have already been established into a standard reporting system that has been mandated by the Alaska Court System. In other words, it merely ensures that the City will continue to be able to enforce its current ordinances.
The public comment period will be held during the next scheduled council meeting which will be February 24th, 2016 at 7:30pm. We hope that this clears any confusion that may be out there.

A subcommittee meeting will be held Feb. 16, 2016 @ Noon in Council Chambers to discuss amendments to this ordinance. The public is encouraged to attend.
Next Regular City Council Meeting
 will be held on Wed. February 24, 2016
 at 7:30pm in Council Chambers