The City of Seldovia
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P.O. Box B
 Seldovia, Alaska 99663

The City is currently accepting 
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Police Chief

Temp/Fill In

SOCC Custodian

This is the official web site for the City of Seldovia. 
On this site you can find links to public info, city meetings, forms and officials.    

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​The next Regular Meeting of the 
Planning & Zoning Commission
will be held at 7 pm October 5, 2016
in Council Chambers
Click here to see the packet from Sept.7
The Next Regular Meeting of the 
Seldovia City Council will be held on 
September 28 at 7:30 pm in 
Council Chambers
Click here to see the packet

Village Safe Water 
and CRW Engineering Group
meeting with the public
click here to find more information